Mash's Musings

Write differently

Published Jul. 22, 2021

Fret not my worried readers, I have not given up on #100DaysToOffload. After a brief few weeks of vacation, I had indeed resumed writing regularly, perhaps even moreso than I had before. Where are the articles you may ask? Are these on a separate blog or column!? No, faithful readers, I would never betray you like that. For the past couple weeks I have been writing plenty of code!

What always strikes me is how elastic the brain can really be. Ever gotten back with an ex? Picked up a bike after a few years? Or even just started to read again? After a few uncanny minutes, your brain suddenly goes "brrrr" and snaps back into a rhythm. Writing for me — well, yeah it's the exact opposite...

Perhaps I have not written enough in my life but after finding a good rhythm the elastic in my brain snaps back to not knowing how to write a clean sentence. And with writing arbitrary code, it's even worse. But fortunately, the elasticity goes both ways. After some practice problems and leetcode to get over the basic syntax struggles, things start to click again. My brain suddenly digs up that buried knowledge on recursion and linked lists and big O! The "brrrr" starts again.

My goal with writing is to change that default. Yes I'd like to get better, and I think I am. But what I want most is to remove that pain, that fear of picking a skill back up after ignoring it for a while. So with most of the coding out of the way, I hope to return to the regularly scheduled programming.