Mash's Musings

Fiction vs nonfiction

Published May. 16, 2021

On my site's reading list I decided for the absolutely minimal amount of classification possible to avoid the mess of having to rank books or cateogorize adding them in, landing on a simple fiction vs nonfiction. I've been satisfied by my choice up until a conversation about the book I was to read next, "You're reading the Bible? Would that classify as fiction or nonfiction?"

Like with any good tough, potentially philosophical question, I immediately looked to the Internet for an answer. I read one Quora answer and thought I'd be satisfied.

"The bible is nonfiction as in 'not fiction'. Fiction refers to a novel or collection of short stories."

Case closed, or so I thought. Had I stopped there, perhaps it would have been. But my eyes went to the next answer.

"It depends on who you ask. Some people pay call it fiction and others nonfiction, and others neither at all."

Each successive answer confused me more. I was honestly expecting the typical Internet two-sided shouting match. But instead, I found a dizzying potpourri.

More digging and more confusion. It seems like I was not going to find a clear answer here. There seemed to be a general consensus that my perfect binary taxonomy was not sufficient. So how to solve this problem of where to add the Bible while still keeping the minimalist effort I desired? Simple. Remove all classification. So whenever I finally get through that behemoth of a book, gone will be the old class system, all books will unite as one. But while all books will be equal, some books may be more equal than others. Stay tuned.