Mash's Musings

Directives for a younger self

Published Mar. 29, 2021

Every time I read the work of wunderkinder like Vitalik Buterin or Patrick Collison, I find myself awestruck by what they had accomplished at such a young age. During the time in which they were reading cryptography papers and great Western classics, I was busy organizing drop parties in Varrock and PQs in Kerning City. Take Patrick's advice for 10-20 year olds for example. How many 10 year olds could actually internalize this? I'm not even sure that I was thinking on this level at 20 and can only hope to get there at 30.

This stark difference has made me wonder what advice would have reached through to an obstinate arrogant younger me. While I don't think I could have convinced that self to read esoteric books or practice meditation, I do think that simple directives summarizing the lessons could have piqued some curiosity. And so, the next few posts will be my attempt at collecting some of these directives.

Directive #1: Always listen to your future self.